Melissa Lester,

EFT International Trainer

Life had seemed hard enough before 2020, and Tapping had helped me and my clients since 2013 – sometimes in extraordinary and unexpected ways. In 2020, Tapping became the most helpful tool I could offer my clients or myself. Between my own personal losses and the mass tragedies that unfolded (and continue to unfold) EFT Tapping was a concrete self-care action I could offer others and take for myself. I continue to use Tapping in my own life when overwhelm comes knocking at my door. Tapping makes it possible for me to welcome the overwhelm, allow it to quickly run its course and then be on its way. Relief from stress, clarity of
purpose and the reward of being able to achieve my purpose are the reasons I use Tapping throughout my day. And because it works so well, Tapping For Groups is committed to increasing access to Tapping and EFT Tapping Training. Millions of people use Tapping and yet it remains out of reach for so many.
Melissa has pursued EFT Tapping Training through multiple organizations since 2013 and is currently an EFT International Master Trainer. She has taught many EFT Tapping Training courses over the years and presents to groups (10-200+) including professional associations and treatment facilities (NASW-GA, GSCA, Summit Ridge, Clarity Fitness, Eating Disorder Information Network, The Refuge, Fusion Academy and more.)

Georgette Taylor

EFT Tapping Practitioner

It was happening again. Racing heartbeat, tightness in my chest, struggling to catch my breath. The fear would grip me every time. “Was I having a heart attack or “just” a panic attack?” It was an endless cycle of fear, doubt and more fear – and another trip to the hospital. I lost count of how many times it happened. It became my daily struggle, taking a toll on my marriage and filling my life with fear and anxiety.
I had learned about Tapping years before, but only used it occasionally. It was time to try again. And to my astonishment, it made a remarkable difference – and eliminated my panic attacks. It has become an essential part of my self-care and mental health routine. I turn to it now whenever I face challenges in my life. Tapping helped me find my voice. It gave me the courage to speak in public. I gained confidence and conquered my doubts as I pursued training in EFTi Levels 1 and 2. Now, I'm eagerly planning to become an EFT International Certified Tapping Practitioner.


Tapping has inspired me to help others to learn this technique and write a book “EFT Tapping for Business Growth.” What I love most about Tapping is its simplicity and accessibility. Once you learn the technique, you can comfortably practice it at home on your own. It has profoundly impacted my life, empowering me to overcome my fears and embrace a more dynamic existence. And I genuinely believe it can do the same for you.


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