Tapping for Groups (TFG) offers high-quality, ethical training for Self-Tapping Practitioners, One-on-One Tapping Facilitators and
Group Tapping Facilitators.

We are proud of our commitment to increasing access, quality and ethical practice in the world of EFT Tapping Our purpose is centered on offering FREE training to Volunteer Non-Profit Group Facilitators whose Mission, Vision and Values align with those of TFG. A Note About EFT International Accredited Certification TFG Tapping Training Level 1 and Level 2 can be used toward Certification with EFT International.


Tapping For Groups exists to lower financial and other barriers to high-quality, effective and ethical EFT Tapping.


Tapping for Groups works toward a time when high-quality, ethical EFT Tapping is available to everyone. We envision a time when Tapping is integrated into educational, occupational and social settings as a basic self-care skill, wellness approach and achievement tool. Because everyone deserves to feel better, do better and live better.

Here’s How

  • TFG trains one Non-profit volunteer Group Facilitator at no cost for every paid attendance.
  • TFG holds several open and free workshops each year.
  • TFG offers a money-back guarantee on all paid training and workshops.
    Delivering guaranteed comprehensive high-quality training.
  • TFG offers a money-back guarantee – free – on all paid training and workshops.
  • TFG training includes in-depth coverage of group, administrative and ethical issues.
  • TFG offers ongoing Mentoring to ensure success with clients individually and in groups.
    Ethical Business, Training and Practice.
  • TFG operates transparently and fully discloses any affiliate marketing as such.
  • TFG trains you who not to Tap with, how not to Tap and potential pitfalls of EFT Tapping.
  • TFG training includes ethical EFT Tapping and business practices in all workshops and training.


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